Our main ministry in Malawi is with African Bible Colleges (ABC) at their Christian Academy (ABCCA). We live in Lilongwe, which is the capital of Malawi, and we live in a little house right on the campus of ABC. We love living and working at the school, and are very blessed with a strong community of believers around us. Dan teaches an assortment of classes at the Upper School; ranging from 7th grade to 12th grade. Miranda has previously been in a 4th grade classroom, but currently is teaching an Upper School elective a few days a week.

What we love about our ministry at ABC is that it is all encompassing. We get to live and work in the same place, and every day we get to share Christ with the students that we work with. We are able to engage with our students both inside and outside of the classroom, and we are truly able to build relationships with them and pour into their lives–whether in the classroom, on the soccer field, or on the playground.

The Academy is an international school, and our classrooms are half Malawian students, and half ex-patriate students. This make-up yields to a very unique classroom dynamic. The varying cultures and backgrounds create a rich learning environment, and constantly challenges both our worldview and those of our students.IMG_5587

Outside of the Academy, we are also involved in a few other ministries around Lilongwe. Our good friends are very involved in an orphan care ministry called Bright Vision, and we have been blessed to be a small part of that with them the past few years. Bright Vision has a weekly feeding program, a sustainable agriculture program, a nursery school and a family sponsorship program to assist child-headed households. This organization is a beacon of a truly impactful ministry, and we love being a small part of it!

We also have been involved with an organization called There is Hope, which works with refugees at Dzaleka Refugee Camp outside of Lilongwe. There is Hope is a multi-faceted organization that seeks to provide vocational training, ESL lessons, discipleship and mentoring, and youth ministry. One facet of their ministry is Kibebe Malawi, which produces handmade goods from tailors at the camp and sells them around Lilongwe and beyond. Miranda has been able to be involved with Kibebe, helping with some product development, photography and training with the tailors.

We love living and working in Lilongwe, and are so thankful that we have the opportunity to serve the Lord here. We see the work of his hands all around us in the lives of the people that we get to be in community with, and it is truly a blessing! We are thankful for your support and prayers for our family.