One week to Kenya!

We are nearing the end of the marathon of sorting and packing, and are in the midst of final preparations to leave! Basically, final preparations means that I am doing Target runs for snacks for the plane! Possibly the most important part of travel with kids…you don’t want to run out of snacks!

Norah and her paper chain countdown that she gets so excited to take a chain off every night before bed!

This season of transition has been long and full of anticipation, so in a lot of ways it feels surreal to say that we fly out in just one week! We are excited, nervous, happy and sad.  It is easy to feel unprepared in ways, but we are continually surrendering our days to the Lord and know that we have prepared well in as many ways as we could, and are trusting Him in the process! 

On Monday, we fly to Atlanta to AIM’s headquarters where we will spend a few days at the office for check-out before our flight to Kenya on Thursday. When we arrive in Kenya on Friday, we spend the weekend in Nairobi and then head to Nakuru for 3 weeks for our Africa Based Orientation (ABO). This is a time to come together with other AIM Missionaries to learn, grow and acclimate to life in Africa. After three weeks at ABO, we will head to Kijabe and settle into our home at Rift Valley Academy! 

We still have a bit of transition before we settle into our new routine at RVA, but we are looking forward to stepping into our new role…the more we have learned about RVA and connected with some people there, the more we are excited to be a part of the ministry!

This Sunday, we will be at Shiloh Community Church in Manchester so if you are in the area we would love to see you and connect with you there before we leave! The elders will be praying over our family at both services (8:30 & 11 AM) and sending us out. We would love to see you there if you are able!

Thank you for your prayers, support and encouragement! We look forward to being able to write our next blog post from Kenya!


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