Life changes through the eyes of a two year old.

We are down to just 19 more days in our Final 40 Days Fundraising goal! We have just about $1,000 more to raise monthly. We are so thankful and amazed by the way the Lord is moving and helping us meet our goal! Please reach out if you have questions, and if you would like to partner with us monthly you can go here:!

Norah talks about moving to Kenya every day. We have tried to talk about it a lot with her, to familiarize her with the idea of it, and to make sure that she feels a part of the planning and transition process. It is woven into her stories, into her songs, and into her conversations with her Daniel Tiger figurines. She is very familiar with the idea, but completely unaware of what it actually means. I think this must be very similar to how we, as adults, can often perceive change. We can feel like we totally know what is ahead, we prepare, plan, make lists and picture ourselves in the next stage of life. But almost always when we arrive in that stage, it is completely different from what we anticipated or expected it to be like. We struggle to live in the transition stage, where we are preparing for something that is not yet our current reality.

Breakfast, where most of our life chats happen over coffee (for me) and oatmeal (for her).

Our adult minds are able to logically see the end. We can look at the calendar and know when the change is coming. We can make a list of ‘bucket list’ items to do before we leave. We can say our goodbyes with intentionality and sincerity, knowing the length of time that will separate us before we spend time together again. For Norah, those things are all uncertain. I have been noticing the tension that is emerging in her little heart and mind as she struggles to understand. To her, Kenya is a blissful place in her imagination. Her story friends (always Mary and  Mark), go there often with their parents, and we read books about it, talk about it. It is always a ‘not yet’ though. “We aren’t going to Kenya yet”, “Not today”, “No, not on this car drive”. She is certainly familiar with it, but the uncertainty of the ‘when’ has created a sense of unfulfilled urgency in her little heart.

I think that the way Norah is experiencing this transition is very similar to how we experience periods of waiting with the Lord. Those times of waiting when we have prayed for something over and over, where asking the Lord for it is as ingrained as breathing, yet we have not seen the fulfillment of it. In those times, we feel the tension of hoping and expecting a change in the future, yet not knowing when it may come or what it will be like. It is uncertain, yet we can trust that we are cared for and heard. Norah trusts us implicitly that we will be with her, that we will care for her, even though she doesn’t fully understand what is coming. In the waiting, it can be easy to question, worry and even live in a bit of anxiety…but the beauty of life in Christ is knowing that we can ultimately have hope, and can rest in the peace of his promises. 

As we prepare for this transition, we are doing our best to lead our kids with a vision of hope. We want them to catch a glimpse of the greater purpose of why we are doing what we are doing. Sure, we are moving to Kenya…but really, we are seeking to follow the specific call that the Lord has given us. There is hope that comes with the peace of knowing that the Lord has gone ahead of us, and is leading us still. 

So for now, we will continue to tell stories, read books, and prepare a little heart for a big transition…while we look to the Lord to prepare our own little hearts for the same.


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