The World Series, 2AM Edition.

This is Dan, it’s been a while since I have wrote for the blog…I figured I should write something from my point of view!

We have entered the hot season in Malawi, so its hot. Duh. But like, really hot. All day. And I have to wear pants. The nice thing is this past week we hit a cool spell and even had a few rains to cool things off.

More importantly, it has been playoff baseball time. Now, being six hours ahead, all the world series games have been starting at 2:00 in the morning, but a bunch of us have been faithfully getting up every morning to watch (Miranda officially thinks I am insane). We head down to Jack and Nell Chinchen’s living room and watch it on Zuku TV. They are both in their 90s and usually fast asleep in the other room. I have been rooting for the Dodgers out of loyalty to my friend Nick who steadfastly rooted for the Patriots last year. It has been an unbelievable series, made all the better by us praying the games end by 7:00am when school starts. Game 5 didn’t end until almost 7:30 so we may or may not have been watching score updates during first period. But it’s awesome! Also, really difficult to explain baseball to kids who have no concept of it. Game 7 tonight (tomorrow morning?)! We are planning on grilling out (yes, in the middle of the night). It will be awesome. 

Other than that, things are good with us. Miranda is great, Norah is wonderful, I’m trucking along. Our car is fixed and we drove to a rainforest a few weeks ago! Christmas break is 27 school days away. Here we go!


One thought on “The World Series, 2AM Edition.

  1. Jenna Hoezee says:

    Miss you guys so much!!!!! Good to hear from you. I had no doubt that you boys would be watching the World Series–at 2am!! 🙂 hehe Hope it cools off for you soon!


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