A Summer Update.

Well, we are both back Stateside and eagerly awaiting the arrival of Baby V very shortly! We just wanted to post a brief update, along with a link to our latest newsletter keeping you up to date on our plans! This summer we will be learning how to be parents (!!), and gearing up to return to Malawi in August.

Please check out the newsletter attached to this blog post to read more about what we have been up to, what we will be doing next year, and how you can partner with us!

Vaccaro’s Newsletter

Or, if you are short on time–here are the highlights from the newsletter:

  • Baby V is due any day now! Please be praying with us as we enter this new season.
  • We will be returning to Malawi for our second year the first week of August.
  • We are specifically praying for people to partner with us monthly in the upcoming year, and we would love for you to pray about whether you would be able to join us in this ministry.
  • Along with monthly support, we are also looking for individuals to assist in travel costs back to Malawi in August.
  • To see more about what we have been up to specifically and what next year will look like, make sure you read the full newsletter (link above)!

We are so, so grateful for the support of community that we have received this past year, and know that we would not be able to be doing what we are doing without all of you.




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