Way overdue.

We are still alive! And still in Malawi! We have been rather absent from the blog world lately…blogging is proving to be one of those things that is constantly on our mind/to-do lists, but is very hard to carry out! Our many apologies.

Some highlights from the past few months:

  1. We got to travel a lot over our Christmas break. We headed up to Northern Malawi to Nyika National Park and Livingstonia for a few days (just the two of us), which was beautiful! We also headed to Southern Malawi with some friends to Lujeri Tea Plantation…which was also AMAZING. And we also got to spend a few days out at the Lake. We were blessed to be able to travel so much and see some more of this beautiful country. But having a month off made it hard to get back into the routine of teaching everyday! šŸ˜‰
  2. I (Miranda) am currently adjusting to being the head teacher in my fourth grade classroom. The teacher I was TA-ing for, Tapiwa, is currently on maternity leave…so I have transitioned to teaching. It has been a fairly smooth transition, but it is definitely more work and is leaving me feeling exhausted most days. It is also extremely rewarding though. I feel like I am getting to know my students in new ways being the main authority in the classroom, and I am being stretched in my abilities as a teacher! The first few weeks I actually struggled with a lot of identity issues, coming back to insecurities and feeling inadequate, but it has been so amazing to hear what the Lord has for me in this. I have been reminded daily that my identity is in Christ alone, and that is where my worth comes from. He has placed me here, and although I never pictured myself leading a classroom, He will equip me for this. It is a good (and humbling) reminder that I am nothing on my own, and all that matters is that I am in Christ. AMEN!
  3. We have just started getting involved with an organization here called There is Hope. They work with the refugee camp located about 45 minutes from Lilongwe called Dzaleka. Last Saturday we were able to go out there and help with a kid’s program they do where they have teachers from the camp bring their students for games, music, and english lessons. This happens every other week and we are hoping to be able to go out with them over the next few months. I have also been able to help a bit with some product designs for a part of the ministry called Kibebe. They employ tailors from the camp to make products out of chitenge fabric and sell the products at local shops and markets. That has been really fun for me because I get to use my creative side! We are excited to be able to help out with them for the next few months for sure!

Please continue to pray for us as we prepare to be parents! We are currently walking through the decision process for what God has for us in this next season. Be praying that we would hear what He is saying, and that we would hear Him clearly. We appreciate all your support!!



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