Life in Malawi.

We are very quickly getting into the full swing of things here in Lilongwe! Classes at the Academy started last Monday, so we are already on our second week of school! It certainly seems strange since growing up school never started until the 2nd week of September!

We have both really been enjoying our jobs here so far; the kids at the school are all so respectful and fun, and it is a joy to be around them! I (Miranda) am learning what the roles of a TA are, and I have surprised myself by actually really enjoying being in a classroom! Teaching is never really something that I saw myself doing, but I feel so blessed to be able to be a part of these students’ lives this coming year. I am praying that we will continue to be able to foster an encouraging, loving environment in our classroom and that our students will experience the saving love of Christ through us. The teacher that I am working with is amazing. She is Malawian and has been working at the Academy for several years and actually graduated from the college here. It has been fun to begin to get to know her, and I am excited for a continued friendship throughout the year!

Dan is teaching 7th grade History and Bible, 8th grade English, History in Film (a High School elective), and 4th grade computers–so he has a full day! He has been enjoying being able to teach a lot of different students and subjects, but it keeps him on his toes!

We are continuing to settle in to our home and figure out the day to day logistics of living here. We are still trying to decide what to do about a car, but we are blessed to be able to walk to a grocery store–so we can still get food even without a car! The days are beginning to get warmer–when we arrived it was winter here, and will now get continually warmer and more humid until December when the rains start. It is a strange thought that it is only going to get continually warmer, especially when we are so used to things cooling off for fall right about now! But we are excited to experience all of the different seasons here. And right now it is pretty amazing, because every day we can count on it being sunny and warm, with no chance of rain!

In other news, we have reached the end of the coffee that we brought with us…so the search begins for the best coffee that Malawi has to offer! Also, I am now used to looking at Dan and seeing him beardless…it honestly took me a few days to not have to do a double-take, but we are liking the new look 🙂 And the most frustrating experience so far: realizing that putting things in the fridge is NOT a deterrent to the ants here, they see it more as an extra obstacle on the way to your baked goods. 😦

We really love being here, and appreciate all of your continued prayers and support! Here are a few prayer specific things to be in prayer with us about:

  • That we would continue to learn what it looks like to do our jobs at the Academy well.
  • That we would be able to build good relationships with our students, and that we would be speaking Truth to them in all of our interactions.
  • That we would continue to build solid community with the other staff here.

Here are a few pictures of our classrooms and some recent adventures!

The chitenge market!
The chitenge market!
Chitenge market--so much beautiful fabric!
Chitenge market–so much beautiful fabric!
We had a scavenger hunt as part of orientation, and Dan had to buy a live chicken at the market!
We had a scavenger hunt as part of orientation, and Dan had to buy a live chicken at the market!
Dan with his chicken on the bus ;)
Dan with his chicken on the bus 😉
Hiking at Nhkoma.
Hiking at Nhkoma.
Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
Beautiful Malawi.
Fourth grade!
Fourth grade!
Fourth Grade classroom
Superhero birthdays!
Dan’s Classroom
Dan’s classroom

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