Goodbye Old Friend

I think I have cried once in my life over hair. I was 11 or 12 and I got a butchering of a haircut and while my dad was driving me home, I got upset about it. Trying not to laugh, he looked at me and said, “Dan. It’s hair. It will grow back.”

With that in mind and also with great sadness I have to share a picture with you all. I wanted you to see it from me first, before Miranda put something on facebook and you wondered who she was with.

If you have been wondering how serious we were that God called us here: look at the picture below and rest assured:

My cheeks have never been so cold.
My cheeks have never seen this much sun.

In other news, nothing else is important. A few firsts from our first week in Malawi:

  1. First time winning a game of bananagrams with Miranda
  2. First time fixing a toilet overseas (it had a stick blocking the seal? How does a stick get in the top tank? Was it even a stick? What did I touch?)
  3. First time owning a Nokia phone
  4. First time (in a while) setting the snake high score
  5. First time kissing Miranda without a beard

My cheeks are literally freezing,



2 thoughts on “Goodbye Old Friend

  1. Gina Carrano says:

    Love it Dan. You’re doing fine. Glad to see all the information…. Love you guys. Will be keeping you in prayers and looking forward to hearing all the adventures… minus extra haircuts of course 😉


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