We have arrived!

Greetings from Malawi!

It was such a surreal feeling to be on our flight from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to Lilongwe, Malawi and know that we were heading to our new home…yet not knowing what to expect. It was this strange mixture of anticipation and apprehension, but we were mostly just excited to be done traveling! As the plane began descending into Lilongwe, we could look into the horizon and see this red haze, sitting over miles and miles of flat, shrub-studded ground. Well, I could look, Dan was sound asleep. So strange to think that this land would soon feel familiar to us.

We descended off the plane, boarded a shuttle bus and headed towards the customs and baggage pick-up…all the while sharing incredulous looks and knowing that we were thinking the same things: We are here! And its for real!

As we were in line to show our passports, we connected with a family who had been on our plane the whole trip, but little to our knowledge was also headed to ABC! They were actually returning from a year furlough in the States, and have been in Malawi for 26 years! The wife’s parents were actually the couple that started African Bible College and the Academy. So of all the people that we could have met up with going through customs, they were the top prize! Total veterans, and they put us right at ease as we navigated and got our baggage. Our assigned host family for the first few weeks, Kellen & Becca, also met us at the airport…it was so amazing to get off the plane and have someone waiting to greet us! It made it feel a little less like a foreign place and a little more like home.

All of our bags made it no problem, which was an answer to prayer! Of course, this time we were prepared with a change of clothes and toothbrushes in our carry-ons and all! No need for that, thankfully.

Becca showed us our house on the campus, which is this super cute little duplex, and we were able to take the rest of the afternoon to begin unpacking and settling in. We will post some pictures of our new home soon 🙂

We shared dinner last night with our neighbors, who are also our host family! Kellen and Becca have two little boys, so we are excited to have some children next door! But we made it an early night, and slept straight through from about 8:30 to 8:00 the next morning…which helped a lot with the travel exhaustion!

Today was a low key day of settling in, and beginning to meet some of our new community! We went to church this morning to a fellowship that meets in the chapel on campus, and shared lunch afterwards with another new missionary couple, who arrived Thursday. And this evening was spent at a community pancake gathering at the home of the Spencer’s, the family that we met at the airport 🙂

Also, new fact of the day: there are hedgehogs everywhere in Malawi! And I (Miranda) even got to hold one tonight! Apparently, during the rainy season, their burrows often get washed out and the baby hedgehogs sometimes lose their mothers and need to be rescued…needless to say I am totally signing up to rescue a hedgehog baby 😉

We are so excited to be here in Lilongwe, and cannot wait to continue meeting the community around us here. Tomorrow we start figuring out things for the school year, and will be heading into town to do some grocery shopping and figure out phones, money, etc.

Thanks for all of your support and prayers as we begin this new adventure! We are truly so excited and honored to be able to embark on this with the support of community back home–we are thankful for each and every one of you! Check back in the next few days and I’ll get some pictures up of our new home!


2 thoughts on “We have arrived!

  1. Maddy Murphy says:

    Your excitement is coming through loud and clear!! So happy to know you arrived safe and sound! Will be praying for a quick adjustment to your new life in Africa! Love you guys, Maddy


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