Support Letter

Hello Friends and Family!                                     July 2015

In case you have not yet heard, we have exciting news! We are moving to Lilongwe, Malawi in August! Serving overseas with a ministry has been something on our hearts for years, both as individuals and as a couple. Around the beginning of June, we started having more serious conversations about this possibility and began to feel like this was the season that the Lord was leading us into it. We felt led to apply to a mission school in Malawi where a friend of ours from college worked. At the end of June we heard that we were accepted to teach at the African Bible College and Academy in Lilongwe, Malawi! The one caveat was that we had to be there by August 2nd!

This led to a quick scramble of prayer and discernment. Was this just a sweet opportunity, or was it a sweet opportunity that God wanted us to take? We wanted to be sure that this was His timing, and His opportunity—and we wanted to be led into it with courage and unity together. We felt it affirmed in several ways that this was a leap the Lord was asking us to take; through scripture, prayer, one another, and those around us. We leave in just a few short weeks! Things are moving fast, but we wanted to be sure to let you know what God has been up to in our lives.

The organization we will be joining is called African Bible College. They have three college campuses: one in Malawi, one in Uganda and one in Liberia. We will be working with the K-12 Christian Academy located on the campus in Malawi. Dan will be teaching 7th and 8th grade history and 8th grade Bible while Miranda will be a TA in a fourth grade classroom with a Malawian teacher. The goal and mission of ABC is to educate the people of Malawi and empower them to invest in themselves and their country to bring it out of poverty. We can’t think of any mission that aligns better with what God has been putting on our hearts!

We would love for you to be involved. We want and need your prayers. Please pray for both of us, that we would settle in well overseas and become acclimated quickly. There is a lot to learn and not a lot of time to learn it. You can also pray for God’s favor as we look to sell our furniture and possessions and move out of our apartment. Please also pray with us as we prepare our hearts to go: that we keep an open mind to what the Lord is doing, and that we keep our hearts locked on His as we seek to glorify Him.

Financially, there are two ways you can help us. If you are local, we have listed a lot of our furniture for sale as well as house decorations. You will be doing us two favors; helping us empty our apartment and helping us raise money! We also would like to invite you to prayerfully consider partnering with us financially, either through a one-time donation or a monthly partnership. We are looking to raise money for our plane tickets and also for monthly support. Round trip plane tickets to Malawi are $2300 each, and monthly we will need to raise about $1800 to live on. If God puts it on your heart to partner with us alongside what He is doing in Malawi, we would be thrilled and honored. We are trusting God to supply all of our needs according to His glorious riches!

If you would like to partner with us on a one-time or monthly basis, you can go to , and choose ‘Dan Vaccaro’ from the drop down list of missionaries – or you can return by mail the enclosed card to:   (our names should go in the memo line of any checks)

African Bible College

PO Box 103

Clinton, MS 39060

We would love to meet with you (or call or Skype), if we can to share in more detail about what this next season will look like for us! Just let us know if you would like to and we can set up a time!

Finally, we wanted to say thank you. The reason we felt comfortable sending this to you is because of the way you have impacted our lives. We feel so blessed to have such a rich community of friends and family. As we prepare to leave, it is bittersweet to leave these relationships, but we look forward to what God is calling us into. We truly feel like we are not leaving the community that we have built, but rather that we are going forward with the support of all of you, knowing that our connections will continue to strengthen.

 If you would like to keep tabs on what God is doing through us and to us, follow us at

God bless,

Dan and Miranda.


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